The Secret Sea’s Cover Secrets!

This is the cover to The Secret Sea, complete with its swanky blurb from R.L. Stine…Secret Sea front cover

And here’s the back cover, complete with its sweet blurb from Gordon Korman…Secret Sea back cover

And here’s the inside front flap, with more artwork that I did not know would exist!

Secret Sea flap

I am so psyched because while I love main character Zak and his portrayal on the cover, his best pals Khalid and Moira are only slightly less “main” than he is. So it’s beyond awesome that they get some love, too. Better yet, the folks at Feiwel & Friends kept this little tidbit from me, so it was a nice surprise when my first author copy arrived the other day!

(Sorry, I Hunt Killers fans — nothing exotic on the case cover!)


  1. Dear Mr. Barry Lyga,
    Sir, I don’t know how it’s possible, but every time you publish a book they just keep getting better and better. I have just finished reading your book ” The Secret Sea” and it was fantastic. Omg! I saw it at the Barnes and Noble website and was saving up to buy it, but then I saw it at my library. I grabbed it off the shelf and and carried it like a precious jewel. (My precious. Lol!) I took my time reading it because I just didn’t want it to end. Hopefully I can get this book as a Christmas gift. (Fingers crossed.)


    P.s. looking forward to your newest book.

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