Ebook Sale for I Hunt Killers!

I Hunt Killers mass market paperback

The ebook edition of I Hunt Killers is on sale through May 27 for a mere 99¢! Yes, for less than a buck, you can get all the gore, all the crazy, and all the WTF???!

Check it out:

Get a Sneak Peek at The Secret Sea

The Secret Sea cover

Want to get a sneak peek of The Secret Sea before its August 23 publication? Well, satisfaction is only a click away!

My publisher has put together a sampler of four new titles, including The Secret Sea. It’s absolutely free (of course!) and you can get it by clicking on this link right here.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to preorder at Amazon or BN.com!

WiRL: “A 5x Multiple on this Particular Slot Machine”

Mr. MomEpisode 61: The One without a Daddy Blogosphere

Does a debut have to be big? Guess what: Your sales aren’t determined by the quality of your book. Are celebrity memoirs worth the massive cost? Morgan has opinions about Captain America: Civil War. The (missing) narrative of the Stay-At-Home Dad.

Stories I Never Told: Archvillain

archvillain heads
So, as I indicated recently, the third Archvillain book, Yesterday Again, was never intended to be the finale of that series. I had always meant for the series to go on for quite a while, possibly as many as ten books.

Sadly, reality intruded on my fantasy. The books just didn’t sell well enough to justify further volumes, and the publisher pulled the plug (as is its right).

But I get a lot of people asking me if there will ever be more Archvillain books, and since the answer is “No,” I figure there’s no harm in relating what might have been, had sales warranted. Settle in — this is a long one… [Read more…]

WiRL: “I got really good with the thermometer”

Episode 60: The One with Sylvia Plath on Zoloft

Leia visits the doctor three times in four days. Revisiting Lyga’s Law of Publishing: Barry signs a contract and explains why it takes so long. Science says: writers and psychotics are the same. (Morgan disagrees.) Don’t be a jerk on the internet. Morgan psyches out Barry. Barry goes nuts over a new book.