WiRL: “Look, babies cry”


Episode 59: The One with a Note under the Door

Does living in close quarters give neighbors permission to tell parents when a baby is crying too much? Morgan’s new career aspiration. Reese Witherspoon is on Goodreads—who knew? Does being a writer ruin your ability to enjoy reading for its own sake?

Blood of My Blood in Japan

I’m thrilled to reveal the amazing Japanese cover to Blood of My Blood, once again executed1 by the amazing Sky Emma!



  1. Heh.

WiRL: “It Took Two Floppy Disks”

Episode 58: The One that Ends with a Bang

Writing advice — it’s everywhere. But is any of it actually useful? Or even from this century? Morgan invented Pinterest. Barry and Morgan reveal their parenting philosophy. Also: Barry’s new book!

WiRL: “She was a sleepwalking baby”


Episode 57: The One with Morgan’s Apple Watch

Can walking make you a better writer? Thoreau and Rowling think so! Why is there so much contradictory advice for authors? Morgan feels stressed. Why Barry goes to the gym every day. The glory of a speaker in the shower. Plus: The secret to making your kids behave. (Seriously. No joke.)