I usually don’t begin my political blogging in earnest until the actual conventions, but man — I feel like I have to get something off my chest.

Donald Trump is calling for closing the borders to Muslims, period, based on a stew of fear-mongering, paranoia, and real-time clickbait. The cheers of his crowds (I hesitated slightly, nearly calling them “mobs”) grow louder and more forceful as his rhetoric ratchets ever higher. He’s called for cataloging citizens in a database, spying on them, informing on them, and now barring them from the country. Seriously, he has only two more rungs on this ladder — round them up; exterminate them — and the first primary vote hasn’t even been cast yet.


Then there’s Ted Cruz, rising rapidly in the polls. When President Obama had the temerity to talk to the American people like adults, counseling calm and rational thinking in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Cruz said this:

As if the only thing standing between us and the end of ISIS has been someone willing to say, “Get rid of ISIS.” As if the President of the United States is a mafia godfather who can have an entire organization and socio-religious philosophy whacked in an alleyway. This is a very special combination of intellectual dishonesty and utter cluelessness.

Other GOP candidates offered similarly useless and idiotic rejoinders to the President, all long on attitude and snark and smug self-satisfaction, short on facts and knowledge and actual details.

Where the hell did this collection of feckless thugs come from? Where the hell did they get their oversimplified platitudes and ignorant bigotries?

I speak not as a foe of the Republican Party. I’m not a registered Democrat, after all. I registered as an Independent when I could first vote (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) because I recognized good people and smart ideas in both of the major parties.1 At the time, given that each side seemed to have something to offer, it seemed absurd to pledge fidelity to one and lose the ease of borrowing from both.

Today, the Democratic Party is still largely similar to the one I knew at eighteen. But the Republican Party has metamorphosed into a monstrous chimera of hate, bigotry, and abject ignorance. Facts mean nothing when blasted with the force of sheer rage and fear. And policies on important issues are reduced to macho posturing, meaningless slogans, and double-talk.

The result is nonsense like making certain terrorists on American soil have ready access to firearms and risible codswallop like Cruz’s inane comment about ISIS.

This proclivity toward policy via road rage and governance by temper tantrum in today’s GOP is a grievous insult to the many fine Republicans of decades past who served their country with honor.

What in the hell is wrong with these people?

If they truly believe what they’re spewing, that’s horrifying enough. If it’s just a way to game the beleaguered and easily gulled, that’s even worse — it means today’s GOP is willing to drag the country into a sucking mud pit, so long as they can rule the swamp.

It’s nauseating. It’s grotesque. It’s a vicious kick in the gut to the ghosts of the party, proud Americans who at least gave a damn and tried.

I don’t know how any of them can look in a mirror. And the voting has yet to begin — it’s only going to get worse.

  1. And also because — like our Founders — I dislike the idea of political parties in general.

Unsoul’d is #1!

My quirky, sexy adult novel, Unsoul’d, has hit the top spot on Kobo’s list for Fiction & Literature (as well as the subcategories of Humor and Literary)!

Yes, I’m psyched!

Kobo screenshot

Unsoul’d was an interesting project for me. Written with a very adult audience in mind, even though I’m known for YA, it published a couple of years ago to very little fanfare (a deliberate decision on my part). I love the book for its unrelenting narcissism and its absurdly overwrought sex. Plus, it’s way closer to the reality of being a writer than most people want to admit!

As I’ve said in the past, Randall Banner — the book’s unlikeable protagonist — does and says everything I wish I had done and said in my life…and am now so glad I never did!

In a way, Unsoul’d is a look at how Fanboy might have grown up if he’d never met Kyra.

If you’re interested, give it a shot. You can get the super-cheap e-book at Kobo for a mere $3.99. And it’s available everywhere else, too, of course!

Buy the Book!

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Unsoul’d is available as an ebook only. To read an excerpt (almost half the book!), go here.

Batman v Superman: Theory

As you know, I’m not the biggest fan of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But when the trailer hit a while back, I caught a glimpse of something I thought might be…redeeming? I didn’t have a chance until now to isolate it and write up my thoughts.

Make no mistake: I still have no plans to see the movie, and I’ve basically ignored the chatter about it, so forgive if people are already talking about this, but…is there a possibility the noxious idea of Batman and Superman fighting (again…*yawn*) is due to meddling and an involuntary effort on behalf of the Man of Steel?

Check out these couple of seconds from the first trailer:

Sure looks to me like Lex Luthor is controlling Superman. I mean, why else would Kal-El kneel before Lex1?

We can’t be sure if this is blackmail (“Do what I say, Superman, or people die!”) or “I’ve whipped up a kryptonite-based mind-control drug,” but either way, Superman does not look happy to be at Luthor’s beck and call.

This would at least mitigate somewhat the tiresome (and thoroughly trite) Supes-and-Bats fighting bit. And it makes this just-released scene a little more understandable:

Still no plans to see the movie, but if Superman and Batman are fighting against their wills, then the flick will be marginally more tolerable.

  1. As opposed to Zod, natch.