Batman v Superman: Theory

As you know, I’m not the biggest fan of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But when the trailer hit a while back, I caught a glimpse of something I thought might be…redeeming? I didn’t have a chance until now to isolate it and write up my thoughts.

Make no mistake: I still have no plans to see the movie, and I’ve basically ignored the chatter about it, so forgive if people are already talking about this, but…is there a possibility the noxious idea of Batman and Superman fighting (again…*yawn*) is due to meddling and an involuntary effort on behalf of the Man of Steel?

Check out these couple of seconds from the first trailer:

Sure looks to me like Lex Luthor is controlling Superman. I mean, why else would Kal-El kneel before Lex1?

We can’t be sure if this is blackmail (“Do what I say, Superman, or people die!”) or “I’ve whipped up a kryptonite-based mind-control drug,” but either way, Superman does not look happy to be at Luthor’s beck and call.

This would at least mitigate somewhat the tiresome (and thoroughly trite) Supes-and-Bats fighting bit. And it makes this just-released scene a little more understandable:

Still no plans to see the movie, but if Superman and Batman are fighting against their wills, then the flick will be marginally more tolerable.

  1. As opposed to Zod, natch.

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