Playing Politics with Guns

A thought I’ve had for a little while, sadly as relevant today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow…

Americans famously craft legislation that is named not to accurately describe its function, but rather to appeal to jingoist or clueless appetites. The PATRIOT Act had nothing to do with patriotism and everything to do with a power grab. No Child Left Behind was all about using schools to churn out a generation of unthinking robots.

Someone needs to send a bill to the House and Senate called, oh, I dunno, the “No More Murdered Children Act.” Or the “Less Blood in Schools Act.” Or the “Anti-Bullets in Killing People at Random Act.”

In short, make the opposition stand up and be forced to vote against something called the “Preserving Kindergartners’ Lives Act of 2015.” The same way the PATRIOT Act passed in large part due to cowardly shitheels in Congress who didn’t want to vote against something with the word “patriot” in the title.

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