Sneak a (Big!) Peek at After the Red Rain

Lyga_AfterTheRedRain_HCThe folks over at Amazon have posted an absolutely free preview of After the Red Rain, weighing in at a whopping 128 pages! That’s something like one-third of the book, so you’ll definitely be able to get a feel for the story!

You can download it to a Kindle or, if you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon has free apps and a free reader that works in your web browser. So, y’know, no excuse not to check it out!


  1. Christine says:

    Just read your ‘I Hunt Killers’ trilogy and couldn’t wait to finish. Then I thought, OMG! What will I read next? I ordered your prequels today because I didn’t realize they existed. Can’t wait to dig in, and I will definitely check this out as well. ~misscemo~

  2. Sierra Hutchinson says:

    Beautiful story line and creative writing literacy brovo Barry Lyga and Peter Facnielli it’s beautiful narration of the charters in the book #aftertheredrain

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