Sneak a (Big!) Peek at After the Red Rain

Lyga_AfterTheRedRain_HCThe folks over at Amazon have posted an absolutely free preview of After the Red Rain, weighing in at a whopping 128 pages! That’s something like one-third of the book, so you’ll definitely be able to get a feel for the story!

You can download it to a Kindle or, if you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon has free apps and a free reader that works in your web browser. So, y’know, no excuse not to check it out!

The End of I Hunt Killers

So, I was cleaning up some old files on my computer today and I stumbled across a file titled “End of final book” in a folder labeled “KILLERS.” The folder was stuffed inside yet another folder that hadn’t been touched in quite a while. This was all stuff that had been forgotten and neglected for years. This happens sometimes — I take some notes on ideas or notions, then file them away and decide to go in another direction.

Anyway, I’m going to show you exactly what “End of final book” contained. Here goes:

“You’re him! You’re the Boogeyman!”

“The Boogeyman? No, no. They call me Ugly Jazz. And I’m doing what I love to do: I hunt killers.”

And there was screaming.

A lot of screaming.

It went on for a long, long time.

Until it stopped.

So, yeah. Way back when I first developed Killers, I had this brief, crazy notion that the series would end with Jazz having forsaken Connie and Howie and everything normal in his life. Instead, he goes underground and tracks down Crows…and kills them in horrible fashion.

I’m glad I ended the series the way I did, but now you’ve had a little look at an alternate universe.

Episode 22: Younger, but Not Right

WiRL-iconEpisode 22!

Morgan and Barry cheat at binge-watching. The only fashion name Barry knows. Some serious discussion about writers, math, and finances. Morgan loves being married. Barry’s still reading a book he doesn’t like.

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WIRL Episode 21: Poop Happens

WiRL-iconAnother week, another episode of Writing in Real Life, starring yours truly and Morgan Baden!

A brief but necessary colloquy on baby poop. The paradox that is Morgan. “How is your book coming along?” Why they got married. The horrors of The Lull and the related wisdom of Mr. Thomas Petty. And you should totally watch The Leftovers.

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Another Chance for a Signed After the Red Rain ARC!

So far, three of the five ARCs of After the Red Rain have been given away. With two left, a new contest has launched, this time on Tumblr!

Want the ARC, complete with autographs from all three authors, including Peter Facinelli? Just put on your Tumblr cap and get to posting!