New Review: After the Red Rain

The May 15 edition of Booklist contains the second review of After the Red Rain, following on the heels of a great first one from School Library Journal. Here you go:

Lyga’s foray into the popular genre of dystopian romance seems tailored to be a blockbuster (especially given his collaborators are an actor and a producer). Though it hits genre conventions hard, it’s well written and unusual enough to stand out. In earth’s future, long after the planet’s ruin and mass species extinction, people live in cramped, perpetually warring Territories. After a hard childhood in an orphanage, Deedra is proud to be supporting herself with factory work building air scrubbers and going on scavenging forays into the crumbling cityscape called the Wreck. One day she sees a boy struggling to cross a poisoned river and rescues him. He calls himself Rose, and everything about him is strange: he is too pretty and perfect, without a Territory brand, and inexplicably living off the denuded land. He thinks differently from everyone else, too, which puts him and Deedra in danger from the tyrannical magistrate. Rose’s true genetic nature is unexpectedly novel, and that—combined with striking imagery, thrilling action, and adolescent true love—makes this a sure bet. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: Best-selling Lyga gets his mitts on dystopian romance? Better get two.


  1. Sierra Hutchinson says:

    It’s a beautiful written book I love how it’s so first person and well done Peter Facnielli and Barry Lyga I am enjoying the beauty of the story line 🙂

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