Do Yourself a Favor: Buy this Book

AdriftHey, everyone. I don’t do a lot of hard selling on the BLog or anywhere else, for that matter, but I’m breaking that unwritten rule to encourage you — no, to beseech you — to buy this book.

Those of you who listen to my podcast or have seen me speak publicly have heard me sing the praises of Paul Griffin. Paul is an author of truly prodigious talents, and if you seek proof that we live in an unjust universe, the fact that he is not bigger then Rowling and King combined should suffice. Paul’s books are full of heart and passion and vivid, poetic language in service of tough stories and brutal honesty.

Yeah, Paul’s a friend of mine, so maybe Lyga’s just doing his buddy a solid, right? Nah. I was a fan of Paul’s before he and I became friends. Fan first. I’m still a fan. The only difference is that now I can call him up and tell him how damn brilliant he is.

Adrift will hit your bookstores in July, but you can preorder it now. I urge you to do so. Let’s make this book a hit before it even comes out.

If you’d like to sample some of Paul’s work right away, he has four other wonderful novels that you can find at the usual places…

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