After the Red Rain: Signed ARC Giveaway!

Hey, check it out…


Yes, indeed, that is a copy of the After the Red Rain advance reader copy, signed by Rob DeFranco, Peter Facinelli, and yours truly.

But let’s be honest — you don’t care about my signature. No, you want some of that Carlisle/Coop/Decker autographin’ love.

Well, I’m here to help.

I have in my possession five of these signed ARCs, and I will be giving them away on five different digital platforms between now and the release of the book on August 4.

  • May: Twitter giveaway
  • June: Facebook giveaway/Tumblr giveaway
  • July: Newsletter giveaway

What about April, you ask? April’s easy: I’ll be giving away a copy of the ARC to listeners of my podcast, Writing in Real Life! Just listen to episode 12, which will be posted between April 13 and April 15 for instructions on how to enter the drawing for the ARC!

(If you’re worried that you’ll forget to listen, either follow @WiRLPodcast on Twitter or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.)

That’s it for now — keep following me on social media between now and July for other chances to win a signed ARC!



  1. Cristina Kovalik says:

    I didn’t know you could get a signed copy until now. Are there any left? I REALLY want one.

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