Horn Book on “Blood of My Blood”

Blood of My BloodThe folks at Horn Book have weighed in on Blood of My Blood. Here’s what they have to say…

This trilogy-ender begins with a bang. Jasper “Jazz” Dent (son of infamous serial killer Billy Dent), his best friend Howie, and his girlfriend Connie have been investigating a “game” played by serial killers that resulted in a double-digit body count. Now the friends are separated, with each in danger and in pain: Jazz has been shot and is trapped in a storage unit; hemophiliac Howie is in the ER; and Connie is being held captive by Billy himself. Though Jazz is clearly the protagonist, the breakneck-paced, omniscient narrative follows each of the three teens as they fight to reunite and take down Billy. Along the way, Jazz and readers uncover more gruesome secrets about Jazz’s family and learn just how dark Jazz’s Billy-influenced heart may be. The previous two books raised tantalizing questions—what is the identity of Billy’s partner-in-crime, Ugly J? What happened to Jazz’s mother? What will Jazz do when he catches up with Billy?—and Lyga delivers with a vengeance. Not for the faint of heart.
Thanks, Horn Book!

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