Channels Dying? Good!

television-37241_1280_blogifiedOver on Medium, tech guru M.G. Siegler discusses coming changes in the TV industry wrought by the internet, as well as by new players such as Apple shaking up the status quo. I agree with much of what he says. This bit jumped out at me, though:

Another side effect is that certain channels, when unbundled, are going to die. Those handful of channels myself and the majority of others want currently subsidize the other, more niche channels. I suspect we’ll see some of those try to re-bundle themselves (Travel + Food Package, etc) but a lot of channels are going to go away.

In some ways that sucks. But it is what it is. Big changes require big changes. And some casualties.

I don’t think “that sucks” at all. There are a billion TV channels right now and quite frankly, most of them are crap. They regurgitate the same “reality” bilge over and over again, empty entertainment calories to binge on. Background noise while you fold the laundry.

Those channels that are currently 90% filler and 10% moderately interesting will go away. With any luck, the 10% interesting stuff will migrate to a channel that has also been forced to discard its crap, as quality consolidates. The end result? Fewer channels with a higher signal-to-junk ratio.

Of course, with my luck, the 90% will survive and congregate, and the good stuff will be sloughed off…

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