Commercial Stupidity: KFC

For a brief moment, I planned on running a regular BLog feature in which I would excoriate dumb commercials. But I realized that life is short and my ire is long and I have better things to do with my time.

And then I saw the commercial below and I just had to say something.

Now, look, I love me some fried chicken. I am a fried chicken fiend. Especially with some mashed potatoes and gravy. And maybe a nice piece of warm, homemade corn bread. And a little side dish of creamy macaroni and cheese. And–

Wait, what? What was I saying? Oh, right — this commercial.

This stupid, stupid commercial.

So, what KFC seems to be telling us is this: If you keep eating pre-prepared chicken all the time, you’re lame! Come eat our pre-prepared chicken!

Uh, what?

Let me get this straight: The solution to eating the same thing over and over is to…eat…the…same…thing…

Out of a different container?

And in a form that is enormously less healthy?

Say what you want about rotisserie chicken — it’s better for you than fried, no matter how much you (and I!) may love fried. Hell, the market near me makes an incredible adobo rotisserie chicken that I would probably sell a major organ for.

KFC isn’t saying, “Hey, stop eating burgers all the time and try some of the Colonel’s wholesome fried goodness!”

It’s not saying, “Cooking is tough every night — take it easy with a bucket of savory, crunchy, chicken-y delight!”

No. Through this ad, KFC is saying that it’s lame to eat the same thing all the time and that the solution to eating spit-roasted chicken is to eat fried chicken.

Is it just me, or is that sort of…stupid?


  1. It’s now late 2016 and KFC is STILL airing absolutely STUPID ads. WHO CARES if their corporate office is trying to get “negative press”! Just stop spending so much money on lame commercials and lower your prices a bit instead to where a normal American family that will actually EAT fast food can afford you!! I’m a single mom raising her grandkids and out of sheer necessity when I get ore made fried chicken ties from Fred Meryer grocery where u can AFFORD IT!!!

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