2014: The BLog in Review

So, WordPress now offers some terrific site stats and even prepares a year-end report for you, with no prompting. So I figured I would share some of the highlights from 2014 for Barry Lyga Dot Com.

Apparently, December 3 was the busiest day of the year for this site. I have no idea why. Did something weird or amazing happen that day? Strangely enough, the most-visited page that day was…my bio page.

My longest update streak was in July, when posted to the BLog five days in a row. I feel kinda bad about that, actually. I’d like to update more often and more consistently. I just don’t always have things to say, and sometimes dastardly Real Life gets in the way.

Tuesday, for reasons I will never understand, was the day I was most likely to blog. If you know why, you’re one-up on me!

The most-visited page of the year was the announcement of Blood of My Blood and Lucky Day. This surprises me not even a little bit.

The top referring site for the year was Twitter. So, yeah, I guess I’m keeping that Twitter account! Also in the Top Five referrers was my Tumblr page, which gratifies me greatly. I came late to Tumblr, but I really like it, so I’m glad people are finding me there and then visiting me here, too.

Also on the Top Five, interestingly, was the old Fanboy & Goth Girl website. I truly didn’t think anyone went there any more.

Visitors were mostly from the United States (not a big surprise, as most of my readership is in the U.S.), but the site received visitors from 125 other countries. I honestly didn’t realize my mom traveled so much.

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