A little while back, I asked folks on Twitter and Tumblr if they would be interested in an I Hunt Killers t-shirt. The response was, basically, “Yeah, dude!”


I didn’t want something that seemed “branded.” I’m not interested in turning fans into walking billboards for my work. So I came up with something that seemed to conflate pop culture, the books, the attitude of the characters, and my own twisted psyche, and came up with…



Not bad, eh?

You can order the shirt over at Teespring. Here’s how it works: It’s sort of like Kickstarter for clothes. If at least 25 people order the shirt by June 25, it will be printed up and sent to you. If 25 people don’t order, the shirts won’t be made and you won’t be charged.

(Why did I do it this way? Simple: To keep costs down.)

So, if you want the shirt, order it now. (Also available in Women’s Junior Fit!)

And remember: Keep calm and hunt killers!

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