Interview: Piper Institute

Way back in November 2012, the folks at the Piper Institute (a writing institute in Arizona) conducted an interview with me about I Hunt Killers. Below are four video excerpts from that interview, in which I briefly discourse on the origins on the story, the process of writing it, the choice of POV, and whether I had to kill any darlings along with the victims.

(Side note: I was slightly horrified by my posture while watching these. Then I remembered that in November 2012, I was on crutches due to a broken foot and so I was probably slumped down in the chair to keep my foot elevated. Posture fanatics and ergonomic experts, please forgive me!!!)

Excerpt 1: How the Story Started

Excerpt 2: Narrative POV

Excerpt 3: Outlining

Excerpt 4: Kill Your Darlings

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