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  1. Uniquely Different says:

    Hi Mr Lyga,
    I read a comment that you wrote about how “Lucky Day” will only be on ebook. I know you probably here a lot of people say “how it’s not fair” and “what if I don’t have an e-book?” I’m one of those people. I’m kind of upset about this because I own both “I hunt killers” and “Game” (looking awesome on my shelf thank you very much) I don’t think a flat peice of technology would look good next to it. I am not trying to verbally attack you sir. You are the author and have every right to do what you want with your books. If this book “Lucky Day” is as awesome as you say it is than don’t you think it’s worth the extra money on an actual book. Why should a person with an e-book have all the fun. I certainly wouldn’t mind.

    I hope you have the time to respond to my comment.
    From your biggest fan

    • Hi, Uniquely,

      It looks like maybe you haven’t read this blog post:

      In short: If we’d made LUCKY DAY available as a book, it would have cost way too much (relatively speaking) and it wouldn’t have come out for another year. That’s assuming that the publisher could get the numbers to work in the first place.

      Publishing is NOT good at publishing very short works. The economies of scale just don’t work.

      If ebooks didn’t exist, then LUCKY DAY wouldn’t exist. Ebooks made it possible for this story to be told.

      And if you don’t have an e-reader you can STILL read the story. Read the blog post I just mentioned: It has all the links you need.

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