Memory Monday: All Talk Works, Sometimes

I know I just used something from Swamp Thing #53 last week, but this sequence is one of my favorites ever.

batman_vs_mayorI think what I love so much is that Batman’s victory in this issue comes not against the fearsome, nigh-indestructible Swamp Thing, but rather against the mayor. And it comes not due to weapons or gadgets or martial prowess, but rather…through simple smarts.

(From Swamp Thing #53, October 1986. Written by Alan Moore. Art by John Totleben.)

Game in Thailand

UPDATE: Punica has tweaked the cover a bit, so I’ve replaced it below and added the entire “flat,” so you can see the back cover, spine, and flaps, too.

The folks at Punica (publisher of the I Hunt Killers series in Thailand) are just knocking it out of the park with their covers. The first one was pretty damn dark; if you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

Thai edition

Game continues the graphic novel feel of the covers. I love the use of red against the stark line art! Really cool and so different from the American covers.

Thai Game complete

This Week in Rejection!: AEI

An attempt by Young Barry to land an agent. Met with form-letter failure.

(P.S. The lighting is lousy in this picture, so you can’t tell that the form letter is printed on paper that is a quite soothing and lovely shade of blue.)


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