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I don’t often recommend books on the BLog, but sometimes something special comes along.

Robin Brande and I have been friends for many, many years. When we first met (way back in 2002!), she showed me a book she was working on. It was, quite frankly, amazing. I was blown away by it and couldn’t wait to see it published.

Well, time went by and Robin published a bunch of books, but never that first one. People thought it was too dark.

And it probably was/is.

But we like dark, don’t we?

And now we can read that book.

Maybe it’s like any story you think you know. You like to go back to the beginning and see if it really happened the way you remember. Back before the death, disaster, betrayal, lies, the lawyers, the perjury, your little brother accusing you of murder—

Lizzie Aimes has been raised to be honest. Pure. Obedient.

But right now she seems to be the only person playing by those rules.

When her family life disintegrates around her, Lizzie must draw on her deepest resources to protect herself and the one she loves.

Even if it means destroying someone else in the process.

Seriously, if you dig my books (especially Boy Toy), you just have to treat yourself to The Good Lie. It’s excellent, disturbing, dark stuff.

You can read the opening chapter for free on Robin’s site.

And you can buy it here:

Also available in paperback.

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