Deep Thought for the Day

If you could change your race or your sex for just one day, which one would you choose…and why?


  1. Chromesthesia says:

    I reckon I’d be a man for the day. It would be fun to see what it is like to be a guy. I’d shave, sing baritone. Hopefully I’d be a baritone. As a woman I’m a mega high soprano. It rankles slightly. I never get to see what it is like to be a dude.

  2. R.R. Dutton says:

    I would get a portrait of myself as a woman as a keepsake. I don’t know what I would do, maybe go out, see how different I would be treated as a woman. I think it could be cool enough, I suppose.

  3. Savannah W says:

    Look, I would personally want to see myself as a guy. Because, let’s face it, I’d probably look like my bigger little brother with glasses. And I wonder what it would be like not to be judged for every new haircut I get that goes above my ears and wearing the awesome geeky/nerdy clothes that I do, but that’s that. Also, and this is not pertaining to the question asked, but I just finished reading the first thing I’ve read by you. Which is sad indeed that Ice not yet read books and other things by you, but oh well, because I just finished “The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl”. And I really just need to tell you that if perfection were real and it was used to make a book that would entail some of my favorite things, this would be it. I’m not yet into the world of comics as deeply as ‘Fanboy’ (in fact I’m no where near that), but I hope I will be. And this story is so INCREDIBLE and so complex and it just defines high school and life and stereotypes. This book has made me not care-at this precise moment-about run-on sentences. This is my first time typing something to an author, and I really don’t know how to say something and not sound like an imbecile. I just hope that you get what I’m trying to say. And I just kind of hated the fact that Fanboy didn’t GET Kyra’s issues and he needed to understand that she- oh I don’t know!! He just kept saying she “needed help” and I couldn’t fathom why I cant just jump in and say “THAT ISN’T WHAT SHE NEEDS!!!!!” And I wanted to hug Fanboy at so many times. But then there was Dina and then his THOUGHTS and I wanted to slap him and it was all a wreck of emotion. That was me taking a deep breath. Just one more thing… Thanks for writing this. Thank you. I can’t say it again or you’ll probably want to turn off your phone or laptop or other tech you own. Fangirl out.

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