Small Business Saturday: Ebooks!

When I decided to publish my latest novel — Unsoul’d — as an e-only novel, some people thought I was turning my back on independent bookstores.Unsoul'd header

Nothing could be further from the truth. I love independent bookstores. Some of my best events have taken place in them over the years, and I’m so thrilled to still be in touch with many of the owners and managers, years later.

That’s why I made certain that when I published Unsoul’d, it would be available on the Kobo platform, which makes it possible for independent bookstores to sell the ebook on their own websites.

In fact, pretty much all of my books are available on Kobo, meaning that you can buy any of them and still support independent bookstores. Which is important all year-round, but most especially during the holiday season and today, Small Business Saturday.

Check your local bookstore’s website to see if they offer ebooks. If they do, great! If not, here are links to some of my favorite independent bookstores — support them if you can!

This Week in Rejection!: Epoch

epochPublished three times a year.

Three times.

Think of your odds.

Takes the sting away a wee bit, doesn’t it?


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I Hunt Killers Goes MMPB!

Killers_MMPBI’m thrilled to announce that next summer, I Hunt Killers will be available in mass-market paperback (MMPB)!

You’ve seen MMPBs before, even if you didn’t know that’s what they were called — a MMPB is one of those smaller paperback versions, unlike the more familiar trade paperback, which is basically the same size as a hardcover.

This is the first time a book of mine has been published as an MMPB. Like the name implies, this means it will get out to a broader audience. Plus, hey — it’s got a sweet new cover!

So. I Hunt Killers in mass-market paperback. Look for it in grocery stores, airports, convenience stores, and all kinds of crazy places in the summer!

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