The “Sell Your Soul” Contest!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed to entries! Thanks, everyone!


If you follow me at all on any social media outlet anywhere, you know that I recently published my first book for adults, Unsoul’d. And I like to celebrate.Unsoul'd

So, I am going to give away a bunch of free copies of the ebook! Winning a free copy is both easy and fun. And just might reveal more about you than you’d think!

In Unsoul’d, Randall Banner sells his soul to the devil in exchange for a hit book. Hijinks ensue.

What would you sell your soul to the devil for?

Let me know in the comments below. This contest runs through midnight, Eastern time, on September 12.1

C’mon… What’s worth your soul? I want to know, Randall wants to know, and hey — maybe the devil’s listening…

  1. I know — it originally said September 22 here. Oops. Typo. Sorry, gang.


  1. Selling my soul is something i always heard as a kid. I have never seriously considered it because of films like Bedazzled (original and newer) Nothing comes for free and when you deal with the devil you always get burned. That and coming from the bible belt, mentioning this would get you immediately thrown into the nearest river for baptism. However, there are always things we say we would sell our souls for. When we are sick, its to be well. When we are hungry, tired or at a funeral its for food, rest and comfort from our departed. I hate to pull a never ending story but if i could sell my soul the only thing i would want is that the devil change its ways. For the devil itself to have a heart and soul itself. Would it repent and float back to heaven? Would it go about righting all the wrongs it ever committed? Would it become so disenchanted by the world that it kill itself? What exactly would happen if you took away the evil from its black hole of a existence? Maybe it would cause all of heaven to crumble or maybe nothing at all would happen. Perhaps it has always had a heart and soul and simply chose its path and its downward spiral.

    I figure its easier than asking for a life time of snacks, or money because lets face it diabetes and the IRS can be just as scary, and sadly ironic as any repercussion the devil can think of.

  2. sara hemmenway says:

    I would sell my soul to have my mom fully recover from her stroke so I wouldn’t have to put her in a nursing home and so she could go to my wedding. And for her cat not to be the cat from hell who screams like a banshee and sheds small lifeless mini cats all over her apartment. Assuming this whole selling my soul contract isn’t made, does someone want a loving, not demonic at all, cat that will provide you endless free fur that could be turned in to coats,rugs, pillow stuff, carpet, lonely person glitter, and a weapon to your feline-allergic evil friends.

  3. I think I’d just sell my soul for a unicorn. Oh or maybe world peace. One of the two.

  4. Paige Harne says:

    I would sell my soul if it meant saving the lives of those I care most about and/or the fate of the world. I have learned from “Supernatural” and the Winchester brothers that deals with the devil are never a good idea, but you do what you have to for family.

  5. My first instinct is to want to weigh 200 pounds at my currant height and to have a full head of hair in my natural color. Then I thought that’s really selfish, but then it is my soul after all.

    Then if I could win one of those 300 million $ lotteries I could do all the good things and help all the charities I’ve always wanted to help. I could build and sponsor homeless centers in my community. Our local politicians just seem to be fighting a battle against people doing good things for the homeless. I’d like to not only give them a safe clean place to stay but also help with getting and keep a good job, finding permanent housing and real mental health help. I don’t need much money for myself but I’d have enough to be comfortable and secure and help so many people. then I’d be able to afford to hire a personal trainer and I could afford to buy fresh healthy food so I could lose weight naturally.

    Then the whole point is mute because I already bought this wonderful ebook but if I’m a contender I’d love to get an autograph on the cover art.

  6. To be honest, this wasn’t something I ever gave much thought to before. I’ve said the phrase “id sell my soul for [insert something here]” before but if it came down to it i don’t think i would for the things I’ve said i “would”. I might seriously sell my soul for someone though. If it meant that one of my friends or someone in my family would be ok, I think i might trade my soul for that

  7. Before May of this year I would never have considered selling my soul for anything, now though… I would sell my soul to have my Mom alive and well so my Dad could be happy again.

  8. Justin James says:

    If I could sell my soul to the devil, I would sell it for the price of becoming an all-powerful being. That’s really the only thing I’ve ever wanted in life, I could live an extremely powerful life as a god, someone who can manipulate time and matter, life in all its splendor.

    Also, I would sell it for like 5 Twinkies.

  9. Daniel Peralta says:

    To be honest, I don’t know that I would sell my soul for anything! Being with the Lord in the afterlife is much more important than a material item in the present to me.

  10. Heidi Bartsch says:

    I would sell my soul if it meant that my children, and their children would never have to struggle in life with bills, money, or financial burdens…ever! I do not wish for them to be rich but to never have to have them make the decision of which bill to pay or to put food on their tables.

  11. Josiah Horn says:

    The third book in the I hunt killers series *hint hint* (;

  12. You asked me once what my third thing was.
    I still don’t know what I want most in this world.
    I’d sell my soul to know what it is.
    I’d sell my soul to have my third thing.
    It seems so small.
    But if it’s the most important thing in the world to me…
    Wouldn’t that be worth my soul?

  13. Gail de Vos says:

    I wrote about other books reworking the folkloric motif of selling one’s soul to the devil — mostly at the crossroads at midnight since I was focusing on the Robert Johnson story. I decided not to sell my soul for anything but I would really like to win this book!

  14. Wow,
    Well this is probably easier for me than a lot, not to mention it is 100% honest. I would sell me soul for my children’s future. If I could know that they will always be in good health, financially steady, and not have to suffer any of the hardships that my parents, my grandparents and even myself have gone though. That is the one thing in this world that scares me more than anything. Not knowing if I’m preparing my babies for the future. I work 2 jobs just to make ends meet, and try to make the most of what we have. (finding the free to do things in the area). So far I don’t think they notice how strapped things are, I know I didn’t notice when I was growing up exactly how rough my mother had it, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I am amazed by what she’s done. Sorry for ranting, but if there was something that I could guarantee for the price of my soul, it’s my children’s well-being/future.

  15. I would sell my soul to gain the courage I need to see all my projects through and stop backing down because the tasks seem too daunting.
    That way, if I failed I would not care that much, being soulless and all. 😉

  16. I would sell my soul in order to posess infinite knowledge. My memory is much like a small storage unit. I continue to attempt to pack items, whose usefulness I know will be beneficial at some point, into the minimal space. More than not, many of these items are thrown away due to the lack of space and are never applied to their untimely settting. I would sell my soul in order to keepsake every single peice of information that the world has to offer.

    *On a lighter note, I would also sell my soul for a date with Emma Watson!

  17. I’m not officially entering, because, one: I’m the cover designer, and two: I bought it already; but here goes.

    I would sell my soul to end all violence that humans intentionally commit against each other. I would also sell my soul to keep we humans from killing this planet. I don’t think anything else is worth it, including my own success or monetary gain.

  18. I always make a joke of selling my soul for books, but that wouldn’t be true.

    I think I’d sell my soul for my family. Kind of the “take a bullet for you” situation. I would sell my soul for my family and definitely do anything to get them out of harm’s way

  19. I recently was in a Barnes and Noble and my friends and I were playing with a flip prompt book. It has three different sections and they read, “Unemployed Writer” “Sells soul to devil” “and “and becomes famous” I still sort-of feel the book was somehow mocking me. Or maybe trying to suggest a new career path.

  20. well i’m and anime geek and i love and anime called black butler it’s about a kid that makes a contract with a demon In exchange for the kids soul he will give him anything. So ever since I have been thinking what if I did make a deal with a demon what would my wish be and that is actually simple at list to me that is. I would use him to make people pay for what they did to me, I wouldn’t kill anyone at list not me who now’s what would happen if you push someone enough, I would just make them suffer I mean why not have some fun right if they can have fun doing those kind of things to me why can’t I. so yeah my soul isn’t that important to me because I have no interest in this world anymore as long as I get back at the people that took my chance at happiness back I’m okay.

  21. Cyra Sadowl says:

    I’d like to believe I’m altruistic enough to give up my soul for the well being of someone I loved, but I’m not sure I could. In the immortal words of Meatloaf, “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that!”

  22. I’d sell my soul for another soul.

  23. I would sell my soul for a life that was meaningful, with ending violence and a rights activist, and the knowledge of the right path.

  24. Benjamin Goh says:

    i would be willing to sell my soul to experience a day in a normal body without anything physical disabilities. Thanks you.

  25. What would you sell your soul to the devil for?

    What if I said nothing? Does that count? Although I’m sure I would be tempted to trade for something like the end of animal abuse and safety for all cats, the idea of selling MY sold is something I don’t think I could do.

    I mean if you actually met the devil wouldn’t you wonder what that means about eternity?

  26. Hmm, I would sell my soul to the devil for… a time-turner! That way I could have unlimited time to read, an easy way to win the lottery, and a way to go back in time to convince myself not to sell my soul to the devil- because let’s face it, the dude is tricky and I want to make sure I’m getting the better end of the deal.

  27. Another Harry Potter book!

  28. Carlos Simmons says:

    I would sell it for power, fame, to be rich and when my time is up for my wife son and daughter to be very well off for the rest of there lives

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