It’s My Birthday; You Get a Present

Update: The contest is over! Thanks for entering, everyone!


So, yes, it’s my birthday. And I’ve decided to give you a present.

It’s simple: I want to give away some signed copies of I Hunt Killers, Boy Toy, and Hero-Type.

KILLERS_final_front Boy Toy Hero-Type
All you have to do is this: In the comments below, tell me what birthday gift you think Billy Dent might get for his son, Jazz.

Easy, right?
Post your answer. Contest runs only today — get your answer in before midnight September 13!

Good luck!

(Oh, and don’t forget — you still have until the end of the day on September 12 to enter the “Sell Your Soul” Contest for a copy of Unsoul’d!)


  1. Happy Birthday! Celebrate!

    I think Billy Dent would get his son a deathrow dinner of Steak and a baked potato to nudge him based on their final meeting in IHK. I have not yet had a chance to read GAME, but look forward to reading it soon.


  2. Paige Harne says:

    Billy Dent would probably think any sharp object that could be used to harm others — such as a knife or a scalpel — would count as an acceptable birthday gift for his son.

    Either that or a pony ;P

  3. Karlie Markert says:

    From what I read in I Hunt Killers and Game, it seems like Billy’s idea of a fun birthday present would be something he would think “useful” for Jazz’s training. I mean, in I Hunt Killers it’s mentioned that Billy gave him a bunch of blank keys and cutting tools so he could duplicate keys for his eleventh birthday. So probably some sort of tool that could also double as a weapon/ torture device. Something that he’d think it was important for Jazz to know how to use.
    And happy birthday, Barry!

  4. Oh god it would probably be something horrible like a finger bone in a box with a note that says “Your mom would have wanted you to have this”. Then Jasper would be like OMG IS THAT MY MOM’s FINGER??!! while Billy chuckles and watches through a high-powered telescope.

  5. Happy Birthday!!
    Billy would get his son something that could definitely be used as a weapon but would not be that obvious, and would have great significance to him. So, Jazz would receive something that had to with the death or disposal of his mother.

  6. Well Happy Birthday!!!
    Well I hate Connie because she butts into everything jazz does I mean if jazz wants you to stay out it’s because he doesn’t want you to get hurt or even worst I guess killed. I mean yeah okay she wants to help but she isn’t helping just getting in to trouble and seen as in GAME she runs in to Bill I think the best present that Bill would be able to give to jazz would be something that would give jazz a clue that he has her I mean it be a great present to know that your dad likes your girlfriend right.

  7. Happy Birthday!
    I think he’d get him a birdbath.
    Y’know because Jazz moved it to free his father and because IT’S JUST LIKE CUTTING CHICKEN.

  8. I’d like to think that Billy Dent would send a few gifts that are extremely dialectical and clever. First, he would send something that any normal boy wouldn’t mind getting from his father-possibly a Darth Vader t-shirt. Along with the previous gift, he would probably send lingerie (Connie’s exact size), a video camera, and a card that reads, “For a night of fun!”

  9. Billy would give him one small piece of his mother’s corpse.

    It’s up to Jazz to track down the rest of it and figure out where, when, how, and at whose hands she died.

    Birthday scavenger hunt.

  10. Cyra Sadowl says:

    Hmmm, a lock of Connie’s hair and a vial of Howie’s blood and a letter his mother wrote to him when she realized she was going to die at his father’s hand that Billy had kept all these years, just to let Jazz know daddy is in control of everything.

  11. I really think Billy would get Jazz some sort of weapon like a garrote. Something that Billy would want Jazz to use! Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway 😉

  12. Happy Birthday

    What about a scrapbook? It could be filled with mementos from his activities or it could be blank with a manifesto.

  13. Benjamin Goh says:

    Happy Birthday =). I think Billy Dent might get a monopoly for his son.

  14. I honestly think Billy Dent will get jazz anything that will take him back to the nightmare he has. The one where he is killing someone not the sex dream. Billy Dent just seems like that type of dad, considering he is a serial killer

  15. Happy Birthday, Barry Lyga. I hope you are having a great day.

    It was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful cake. Except for the present.

    On Jazz’s birthday, I think Billy would give Jazz a lamp. That’s it. No fancy knifes, no books, no axes or key blocks -none of that ‘Jazz’. (Because, by now, Billy would figure that Jazz has enough tools to play with, would have enough knifes and tools to fulfill his deepest desires) No, Billy Dent would think to give Jasper a lamp. It’d be dark brown and spotty. At first glance, it’d look like leather. It’d feel like leather, but Jasper would be smart enough to figure it out. The lamp from Dear Old Dad would be made of human skin. Crafted by Billy Dent himself, the skin on the lampshade would be dark, chocolate brown. The same, perfect colour of sweet, sweet chocolate.

    “Jasper, my boy, happy 18th birthday. You’re an adult, old and wise like yours truly. Sorry I can’t be with you on this special day, but that don’t mean I forgot about you. Here’s your gift. Hope it brightens your day as much it did mine. Made it myself. Personal touches, and everything…it’ll be worth somethin’ some day….love-Dear Old Dad.”
    -inside the card

    *These lamps actually do exist by the way.*

    Thank you, and fingers crossed.


  16. Julia Hamilton says:

    Happy birthday, you awesome person!

    Hmm…What would Billy get Jazz? A CD full of Jazz music and a note making fun of his nickname.
    And a blank piece of printer paper with a simple happy-face on it. Drawn from a crappy pen.

    Well, that’s what I can come up with! Have a great day!

  17. Happy Birthday Barry!

    What birthday gift would Billy Dent get for his son, Jazz?
    Well I have a feeling it wouldn’t be so outrageous like a piece of one of his victims but I can see Billy getting his son some equipment for the “family business”.

  18. I’m a bit surprised that no one’s said this yet, but I think Billy would get Jazz a Mary. Or a Veronica. Or Janet. He’d try to tempt his son to the dark side with an victim all tied up, with an impressive array of weapons nearby. I’d imagine, as a nice touch, Billy would have taken the victim’s tongue or otherwise made it impossible for her to speak. Or maybe she’s be a bad person, and Billy would leave a detailed accounts of her crimes. I could totally see Billy going a step further and having the victim be Connie- possibly have her already dying and in great pain in order to force Jazz to kill her to put her out of her misery… Hmm, this is getting a bit dark!

  19. india wallace says:

    i think billy is going to get jazz something more challenging like,a victim i dont think he would give him thing for family business ..who knows it could just suprise us all…..:)

  20. Monicalibrarian says:

    Knowing Billy Dent, there are so many gruesome possibilities, but I am going to go with something about Jazz’s Mom. A lock of hair, a photo, something nicely cryptic and creepy.

  21. I think most people would go with the idea of Billy Dent sending Jazz something kind of creepy that you would only expect is a clue of some sort… but I’ll veer the opposite direction.

    I say he sends something that would be a completely normal present he would like – say, a book, DVD, or figurine he’s been eyeing – and mindfuck him that way. 😛

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