Interview: Lisa Amowitz

Lisa Amowitz designed the cover to Unsoul’d.1 Lisa is more than a designer, though — she’s also a new YA author. Her debut novel, Breaking Glass, about a boy struggling with alcoholism, just came in July and has gotten some great reviews.

Once I was done being a pain in the ass about the Unsoul’d cover, Lisa heroically wanted to spend even more time with me, so we sat down for a brief interview on her blog. Here’s a tiny snippet to make you click the link:

For me, it’s all about finding an interesting story to tell and then telling it in the most honest, truthful manner possible.

Now go read the whole thing!

  1. Well, actually she designed about a dozen covers for Unsoul’d before I could finally make up my mind!


  1. I beg to differ–you were not a pain in the least, Barry. What we went through was the creative process and it was fun and exciting to bring this cover into the world. I am very pleased and proud of the result!

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