Today’s Tumblr – September 26, 2013

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Anyone Want Some Danish? I Hunt Killers Goes to Denmark!

Fifty Shades of Jazz?

Nah, probably not. Sounds cool, though, right?

I’m pleased to announce that Rosinante, the Danish publisher of Brett Easton Ellis, Neil Gaiman, and Fifty Shades of Grey (among others), will be publishing the I Hunt Killers series in Denmark!


Today’s Tumblr – September 24, 2013

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Jonesboro and Me

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be in Jonesboro, Ark. I say “fortunate” for a number of reasons.

I was in Jonesboro at the invitation of the local public library system, embodied in this instance by Nina Darley, teen librarian and transplanted Brit.1 Nina asked me down to Jonesboro nearly a year ago, and the day had finally come. [Read more…]

  1. Yes, it’s hilarious to hear her British accent among the Southern ones.

Memory Monday: Supergirl Grows Up?

Hmm, now let’s see here… According to this helpful graphic on the back of an old DC Digest…

When Superboy grows up, he becomes Superman. Sure, sure, that makes sense.

When Lex Luthor grows up, he, well, sure — he’s still Lex Luthor.

And when Supergirl grows up…

Past, future, still a girl.She trades her skirt for hot pants. Got it.

(From Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #7, October 1980.)