Introducing Unsoul’d – a dirty little fable

If you’re wondering when my next book will be out…wonder no more! Unsoul’d is almost here.

What’s Unsoul’d? It’s my first novel for adults. I’ve been working on it for a while and now I’m almost ready to release it.

Want to know more? Check out the little teaser below…

Unsoul'd header

Randall Banner is thirty-five years old, a middling mid-list author who yearns for more of everything: More attention. More fame. More money. More fans.

Then, one quiet morning, he meets the devil while pounding away at his laptop at his usual coffee shop. Soon, a deal is made, a contract is signed, and Randall is on his way to fame and fortune unlike any he ever imagined.

What follows is a bawdy, hilarious, yet harrowing tale of one man, one devil, and a deal that could change the world.

Unsoul’d will be available as an ebook only. Soon! To be notified when it has launched, sign up for the newsletter below!





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