This Week in Rejection!: Ace Science Fiction & Fantasy

One thing I often recommend to would-be authors is that they attend a writers’ conference and meet editors and agents in person. Even in those cases where it doesn’t result in a book deal (as below), it’s still good to put faces to names and to come to understand that those powerful gatekeepers are just plain ol’ human beings like that rest of us.

Ace rejection

I’ve redacted the title of the book ’cause I might use it someday! I was disappointed by this rejection, of course — I remember thinking I’d really connected with the editor at VeriCon. But you know what? That’s OK. The editor’s kindness in person and in this letter made me less intimidated and angst-y about my next submissions.


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This Week in Rejection!: WildStorm!

Hey, check out the date on this one, gang: That’s right, your Uncle Barry has been getting rejected since before you were born!


This one is actually a terrific rejection. I had submitted a story to the WildStorm Talent Search, trying to break into comics. And you know what? I richly deserved this rejection letter. I knew nothing about the WildStorm Universe at the time. I just read some descriptions of a couple of time traveling characters and tried to cram them into a time travel story I had already come up with. Ouch. Stupid, stupid Barry!

The rejector (and that kinda sounds like a comic book character, doesn’t it? — The Rejector!) quite rightly (and politely!) points out that my submission had nothing to do with the characters, really. But also takes the time to respond personally…and even gives me a little pep talk towards the end.

You can’t expect this level of engagement from every rejection letter, but when it comes along, it’s wonderful to see.