Jasper Dent #3 is a Thing

I get a lot of emails and tweets and other such communications these days asking if there will be a third book in the I Hunt Killers series. Since people keep asking me, they are apparently not seeing it on the FAQ. And my poor phrasing on the FAQ has made this information not terribly Google-friendly.

So I figured I should write this in a Google-able BLog post for once and for all.

Jasper Dent #3 (if you want to use that nomenclature) is a thing.

Yes, there will be a follow-up to Game, a third book in the I Hunt Killers trilogy, a Jasper Dent Book 3, a Killers #3, whatever you want to call it. (Sometimes, when I’m feeling silly, I call it “The Jazz Age.”)

It exists. It will be presented unto you by the good folks at Little Brown and your book retail outlet of choice.

It will come to you in 2014.

Other than that, there’s nothing to report yet.

Thanks for caring, everyone!


  1. I sort of saw that coming. 😉 But thanks for the year. 😀


  3. Oh good! I just finished game and I was like ahhhh I need to know what happens and then I finally found this. Can’t wait!


  5. I flipped at the ending of Game anticipating closure. The 3rd book was therefore a must, else I would have hated the duology 🙂 Hope it won’t be late 2014..Need to know the continuation….

  6. I never even considered there wouldn’t be a third book based on the way the second one ended. I am bummed that it’s only going to be a trilogy though. I got some of the teachers I work with at school hooked on this series and I thought they were going to kill me at the end of the second book! I hope it comes out early 2014.

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the third book. Would you know if we could preorder it?

  8. I thought it was the end of the series but now that I know I need the next book now

  9. Kat Thomas says:

    I’m probably one of the younger readers(I’m 14) but this serious has had such a toll on me it’s crazy…….When I first started reading I Hunt Killers I didn’t know that it was a whole series and that it was a new series. But when I got Game, the whe thing changed, it was crazy. I finished when not first came out and have been dying for the third book. And those cliffhangers put me over the top. I can’t wait. LETS GO!!!!

  10. I’m a part-time high school librarian & got turned on to “I Hunt Killers” by a co-worker. I enjoyed “Game” even more & can’t wait to read the next!!! I have referred these books to many students who can’t get enough of Lyga’s books either. I can’t wait for our next book order to come in. I was on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen next. I have to find the 3rd soon… no patience to wait… Yes, it’s that good…

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