VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) has rolled the dice and published its review of Game.

Jazz Dent, son of the most famous serial killer alive, is back in the business of hunting down killers. This time he travels to New York City with a detective to help catch the Hat-Dog Killer. This killer is more gruesome and violent than the Impressionist, who Jazz helped catch earlier in the year. Each murder is a piece of the puzzle in the pursuit of the Hat-Dog Killer, and Jazz once again uses the thinking passed down from his dear old dad, who has escaped from prison and is closer than Jazz knows.

Fans of I Hunt Killers will not be disappointed in this sequel. Lyga has brilliantly combined the elements of a true crime story with adventure and mystery to create a truly suspenseful novel. There are a few areas which readers must suspend belief, but the story is so fast paced, it is easy to do. Readers find themselves inside Jazz’s head and understand his character even more clearly than in the first novel, and with the added points of view from other characters, Jazz’s inner struggle about being like his dad is a fascinating addition to the story line. This title is highly recommended for libraries serving mature teens, and with all the twists and turns the story takes, readers will be in for a thrilling ride.

Thanks, VOYA!

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