Today’s Tumblr – May 31, 2013

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VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) has rolled the dice and published its review of Game.

Jazz Dent, son of the most famous serial killer alive, is back in the business of hunting down killers. This time he travels to New York City with a detective to help catch the Hat-Dog Killer. This killer is more gruesome and violent than the Impressionist, who Jazz helped catch earlier in the year. Each murder is a piece of the puzzle in the pursuit of the Hat-Dog Killer, and Jazz once again uses the thinking passed down from his dear old dad, who has escaped from prison and is closer than Jazz knows. [Read more…]

I HUNT KILLERS…Soon, in Hebrew!

I am pleased to announce an addition to the line-up of foreign language editions for I Hunt Killers: Hebrew!

Hakkibutz Hameuchad Publishers will be publishing the book sometime in the next year. I am thrilled that even a year after publication, this book continues to find interested publishers around the world.

And yes, I am so tempted to drop in some Yiddish here, but it’s not really the same thing, is it? I will, however, say that my mother is very proud.

Today’s Tumblr – May 29, 2013

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What Authors Owe You

This is a story about a friend. And I know that when someone says, “This didn’t happen to me; it happened to a friend of mine,” they usually mean, “It happened to me.” But seriously. Honestly: This did not happen to me. It happened to a friend of mine.

Like me, my friend is an author. One day, someone bought one of his books and there was a problem with it. Let’s say… Let’s say that a bunch of random pages were printed upside-down.

So, this person — we’ll call him/her “Pat” — reached out to my friend through the power of social media and said, “Hey, I bought this book of yours and it’s defective. What are you going to do about that?” [Read more…]