The MANicure: Follow-up

Wow, the response to my MANicure Challenge has been pretty cool! I appreciate your collective desire to see me claim nailart for the male of the species.

There have been some questions, though, that have come in via Twitter, the comments on the BLog, and personal e-mail. So here are the answers:

Dude, you’re nuts: Your MANicure won’t last a whole month. Idjit.
Many people (OK, many women) said this. I did my due research before embarking on this most manliest of all challenges. My local manicurist assures me that the gel application she uses will last at least three weeks, if not a month. If I need to do so, I’ll go back for a second manicure to make it last the month. I promised y’all a month, and a month you shall have. (Ha! Now who’s the idjit?)

The book comes out on April 16, so why will you have the MANicure in the month of May?
The book comes out April 16, true, but it takes time for the sales figures to be compiled and reported. I won’t know if Game has debuted on the NYT bestseller list until close to the end of April. Thus, May. (If all goes well, I’ll probably get the MANicure right before the end of April, so the Authors Unlimited event on April 27 would be its debut.)

Will we see you get the MANicure?
Hells yes! I will bring video equipment into the salon and record the event for posterity.

Do we have to buy the print edition for this to work?
Nope. Print or e-book, it makes no difference, but it has to be in that first few days of sales. If you preorder, your order will automatically count. Otherwise, buy the book online or at a retail store on April 16. (Or even the 17th through 19th. But isn’t it easier to remember “April 16?”)

What the hell was that thing Libba Bray held in the video?
That “thing” as you so insensitively put it, is a noble member of the feline family. I believe its Latin descriptor is furrius explodicus.

And just because you know you want to watch it again…


  1. I would like to volunteer to go with you to the MANicure. and then a refreshing adult beverage. which is NOT PBR.

    • Somehow, I think there will be many volunteers…but you are first on the list!

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. The book still has to hit the list!

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