Romantic Times on GAME

Romantic Times has chimed in on Game. (Yes, I’m surprised, too. Cool, right?) They give the book four stars (out of four, as best I can tell) and say this:

Lyga’s I Hunt Killers sequel is riveting. You’ll be sucked in as you try to identify the mastermind behind the killings. Just when you think you know what will happen next, the plot turns. The characters stay strong and, by the end, you’ll be surprised to realize you have so much in common with a serial killer’s son.

Jazz Dent is back in the world he desperately wants to avoid — the world of serial killers. Not only is his psychopathic father on the loose, but a new serial killer appears in New York and Jazz is pulled into the case. He soon realizes that someone’s playing a game with him and it’s all he can do to stay sane while trying to solve the killings.

I won’t quibble with any of that! Thanks, Romantic Times!

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