Return of the Son of Barry’s Blogger Book Bonus: The Sequel!!!

Several times over the past few years, I have indulged in a little something I call “Barry’s Blogger Book Bonus.” Or BBBB, for unpronounceable1 short.

It’s easy: You fill out the contact form. (That’s a link to the form right there. Easy, right?) I send you — absolutely free — a signed book that you then offer to your blog readers as a reward, prize, giveaway, whatever.

Additionally, I will randomly select a few of you who will get two signed books — one for your readers and one for you!

The rules are pretty simple:

  • You have to have a blog dedicated to reviewing books.
  • When you fill out the contact form, you must include the following info:
    1. Your full, legal name
    2. Your mailing address (sorry — only U.S. addresses at this time)
    3. The URL to your blog
    4. Your preference of middle grade, YA, or audio. (I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll make my best effort to accommodate you in this regard.)

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to chase people down, so if you submit a request and any of that information is missing, you just won’t get a book. So please include it all!

Books will be sent out some time in March.

  1. Well, except to those of you reading this from Zrfff.


  1. No Canadian love this time. Oh well have read and reviewed almost all of them and done a few giveaways already!

  2. Message sent!! I am so thrilled about this!

    I wonder…will you possibly giveaway a foreign edition of your book to a lucky blogger? (*cough*KoreanIHuntKillers*cough*)



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