Cool Covers for I Hunt Killers

Hey, want to see the covers for the Dutch and German editions of I Hunt Killers? Check ’em out…

Dutch cover

German cover


On the left, we have the Dutch cover. And on the right, we have the cover for Germany. Pretty cool, eh?

The book will be available in the Netherlands on February 13, and in Germany in March.

Memory Monday: Bizarro Parenting

Planet blowing up? Want to help your kid? Try the Bizarro Method!

Bizarro Parenting

Good thing he had that “burrow into the center of the planet” rocket lying around, eh?

(from DC Comics Presents #97, September 1986. Written by Steve Gerber. Art by Rick Veitch & Bob Smith.)

Fan-Made Trailer for I Hunt Killers

If you have a minute and a half or so, check out this cool trailer for I Hunt Killers, put together to celebrate my appearance at Authors Unlimited in April (details to follow!).

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