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UPDATE: The contest is over! The winners have been notified by e-mail and listed here. Thanks for playing, everyone!

Yep, it’s that time of year, when an author starts giving away copies of his soon-to-be-published books. In this case, the book is Game, and the copies are ARCs, or advanced reader copies (i.e., uncorrected proofs with all of my mistakes still intact!).Lyga_GAME

I have a stack of ten of these suckers, and I’ve decided to spread out the wealth over both time and (cyber)space. So I will be giving some away here on and then I’ll probably give some away on Twitter and Facebook, too. And, yeah, you can enter each contest, but you can only win once.

We’ll start here on, and the contest is easy enough: Just post a comment below, telling me…

Who are you more afraid of:

A serial killer or a ninja?

Ta-da! Easy-peasy, right? The contest runs until February 15, at which point three lucky folks will be randomly selected to get the ARC of Game!


  1. Serial Killer. It’s possible not all ninja’s want to kill me

  2. I’m more afraid of a serial killer– a ninja might have noble intentions and might not want to kill you. And if he does, it would be rather painless.

  3. I believe that I would be most afraid of a serial killer ninja. 🙂

  4. Definitely a serial killer. It’s unlikely that my death would be quick if a serial killer was out to get me. Ninjas are speedy, right?

    -Alli @ magnet4books

  5. Who are you more afraid of:
    A serial killer or a ninja?

    Easy, a serial killer. Ninja’s are completely deadly but as far as I know they have no good reason to come for me. However there can be multiple serial killers where I would fit the profile (not to mention those who devolve and just start killing anyone they can.)

    Yup. Serial Killers.


  6. WHAT? No pirate option? Pirates are far scarier than ninjas. lol

    On that note, serial killers. Because, hey, you know they’re going to strike again. They aren’t ‘serial’ for nothing.

  7. Serial killer.

  8. That’s easy. A ninja. cuz I’m one and if I were you I’d be scared of me 😉

  9. Serial Killer. You won’t even see the ninja; you’d just be dead. Most serial killers are sadistic a**holes who like to torture. That’s terrifying!

  10. Cathy Blackler says:

    I suppose a ninja. A serial killer usually has a type. As long as I don’t fit the victim profile I should be good. A ninja, however, stealthy!

  11. Sara Swenson says:

    Technically a ninja is an assassin for hire, so by definition a ninja is a serial killer but with amazing talent.

  12. I know most people would say a serial killer because serial killers often enjoy playing with their prey in morbid ways before they make a kill, while ninja are usually all about being stealthy, so they can make quick and nearly painless kills.

    But with a serial killer, there would be a very teeny tiny chance that I could survive. During the time he /she was busy playing mind games and fanning his/her own ego, I could try and devise a MacGyver type of solution and attempt an escape.

    As for ninja, they come out of nowhere and kill you instantaneously. There is zero chance of survival.

    Since my fear of not being able to fight for my life outweighs my fear of dying a slow and painful death, I would have to say ninja are scarier than serial killers.

    On a side note, I’d really like to see Billy Dent fight a ninja in an MMA cage. That’d be very interesting.

  13. Danielle Nguyen says:

    A serial killer. I can’t think of a good reason why a ninja would want to harm me, but the possibility is definitely there with a serial killer.

  14. Sarah Jarrett says:

    Serial killer. The mind of a serial killer is what is so terrifying.

  15. Kevin Meyer says:

    I would have to go with serial killer. There’s always a chance the serial killer has obtained the skills needed to be justified as a Ninja. A serial killing ninja would be a total death machine.

  16. bookweirdo says:

    serial killers

  17. ninja… hands down.
    Both a serial killer and a ninja have what it takes to kill you but a ninja is the only one you don’t see. A serial killer acts all charismatic and nice to get your defensive walls down. A ninja can come out of the ceiling and then BAM, you’re dead.

    I would have said serial killers because ninjas don’t exist but that’s what they WANT you to think. 🙂

  18. Emily Carlson says:

    Serial Killer. Death by Ninja is more awesome than I could even hope for.

  19. I’m definitely more afraid of a serial killer. No one has ever written a book about ninjas that terrified me as much as I Hunt Killers. XD

  20. A serial killer. After reading I Hunt Killers, I went through the house dramatically opening shower curtains. I was afraid to go in the basement. I had horrible nightmares.

    I never have nightmares about ninjas.

  21. Serial killing ninja of course!

  22. Oooh, I’m not sure. I mean, you can’t tell if a person is a ninja or a serial killer. Serial killers tend to be pretty silent on the matter, and REAL ninjas don’t say they’re ninjas. (Just ignore those stupid t-shirts.)

    I think I’d have to go with serial killers, though. Ninjas are a pretty honorable bunch, and I don’t think I’ve done anything to piss a ninja off lately. However, with serial killers, all it takes is wearing the wrong color nail polish (or not wearing nail polish at all, in which case I’m screwed).

  23. A serial killer. Because you’ll never hear a ninja coming and a serial killer wants you to know he’s coming.

  24. A serial killer. Between your book and The Following I will forever have nightmares and jump at noises in the dark. And run to my bed once I’ve turned off the light. And predict my death in a million different ways.
    Plus ninjas are cool

  25. A ninja. Yeah, a serial killer is scary but its what you don’t see that frightens you the most. You won’t see him/her coming, you won’t know when he/she will get you, you don’t know who he/she is. Same could be said about a serial killer, but legit ninjas are practically invisible killers.

  26. I Hunt Killers and Criminal Minds have definitely secured for me that I am more afraid of serial Killers. I mean a ninja could be harmless or good like in Naruto or something. I mean ninjas have a code or something, right ?

  27. Tough choice but serial killers edge out a win mainly because with ninjas, I won’t have to spend whatever remaining time I have on this earth listening to some deranged ninny as he lists down the reasons he’s the way he is before he flays me with a serrated spoon and prances about wearing my skin.

    Ninjas, they get you dead faster than you can say, “Oww!”

    Serial killers, well… drama queens.

  28. This is a tough one. Love everyone else’s comments. I have finally decided on serial killer. They are highly intelligent, love to play mind games and many of them torture their victims. A ninja would be swift and painless (hopefully) and would be hired to kill me. I certainly hope I don’t ever upset anyone enough to hire a ninja. Serial killers do it for the fun 🙂

    Great question! And so excited for this contest. Cannot wait for Game to come out.

    Side note: What do you think of the newest show The Following with Kevin Bacon?

    • I don’t watch shows like The Following. Or Dexter. Or anything like that. I don’t want people to think I ripped anything off in one of my books.

  29. Honestly, I’m going with serial killer. I think ninjas are scary because of their stealth ways, but a serial killer is way more sinister and calculating. They are usually more patient and plot out their kills. It’s so disturbing and gives me the heebies.

    I am seriously freaking out over what GAME has in store for Jazz and crew. EEEEEEEP!

  30. Heather Jackson says:

    I would say a serial killer. Ninjas aren’t really scary…they are just BA. As well as a Ninjas can quickly kill you, where as usually most serial killers will take their time, because the kill is part of the thrill.

  31. A serial killer. I’d rather be quickly and ruthlessly taken out than slowly tortured and toyed with, like seems likely by a serial killer.

  32. serial killer. ninjas are just humble in their own way.

  33. I’d say that I’m more afraid of a ninja TURNED serial killer!!! Just think about it! Ninja + serial killer = deadly!

  34. Serial killer without a doubt. *shudders*

  35. Definitely a serial killer. My mom watches vast amounts of those my-boyfriend-turned-out-to-be-a-serial-killer television specials, and I was in the room for too many of them in my formative years to get away without a few psychological scars. 😛

  36. Cherieish says:

    Serial killers are scarier. Ninjas are stealthier, but stealth doesn’t lend itself too well to terror. You’re dead before you have time to get scared.

  37. A serial killer for sure. They are so calculating, and more freaky… patient. I mean, I know some are sort of spur of the moment but others? Not so much and holy crap does that thought creep me out.

  38. Paige Harne says:

    Serial killer, definitely. Probably because of all those years watching shows like CSI, NCIS, and Castle…serial killers are messed up.

  39. In a sense I would have to say serial killer because they are pretty ninja like but they kill sometimes with no purpose with a well thought out plan and will make you suffer for their joy. The genius minds of a serial killer just doesnt connect the dots. As a notorius serial killer, dear old dad, would say “Cuts like chicken”.

  40. I am definitely more afraid of serial killers. Ninjas have a code of honor and serial killers are unpredictable and nasty.

  41. Nichole Anne says:

    Serial Killers — who knows what they want to do, how they want to torture, and for how long.

  42. alexandra provence says:

    Definitely a serial killer. A ninja just seems like a killing machine, but a serial killer can be smart (brilliant even), devious, ruthless and relentless.

    BTW, my high school students and I love your books. They all feel so different that it’s strange to imagine the same writer creating them all.

    • “They all feel so different that it’s strange to imagine the same writer creating them all.”

      I love hearing that! Thanks!

  43. Serial killers with ninja training:) Like

  44. Serial killer. Although a Nikita serial killer would be the worst of the worst!

  45. I would be more scared of a serial killer, personally. I’ve done nothing to piss of any ninjas or anyone who is friends with ninjas that may want to like mess me up. But I am a tiny defenseless girl and if I had any form of social life that would give me reason to leave the house ever I’d make a fairly easy target for a serial killer.

  46. That’s a hard one! I’d have to say serial killer though. They always seem so much more psychotic and disturbing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. A serial killer is more terrifying because a ninja will make your death less sufferable compared to what a serial killer would do. A ninja will quickly do what he or she needs to do while a serial killer might take their time, torture you and then kill you.

  48. Ninja….I have a chance of hearing and surviving the serial killer. Now if it’s a serial killing ninja there’s no hope.

  49. Serial killer. I’ve watched way too many crime shows featuring serial killers, so I know they are all out to get anyone they want to, for whatever demented reason they have.


  50. Ninja. I’d already be dead and not even know it

  51. I am more afraid of a ninja. I would have to fit a serial killer’s type, and unless he goes for the outspoken bookish gals, then I am safe. Besides, a typical serial killer does not have special skills while a ninja is a trained fighter. I have no strength and can barely run, so a ninja could take me out in a minute. I might be able to fight off a serial killer by being scrappy.

    By the way, I am so happy that you wrote this series. My interest in serial killers no longer seems socially unacceptable. I Hunt Killers was my favorite 2012 read, and GAME is the book that I am most looking forward to reading this year.

  52. Cyra Sadowl says:

    Definitely ninja. I might have said serial killer, but then I read “I Hunt Killers”. I like the idea of an arm reaching from an inky shadow to kill me better than someone wear my head as a hat…my curly hair would be a disaster as a hat!

  53. Keith Smith says:

    I am more afraid of a ninja because they dress more comfortably and their black clothes are slimming. Anybody tough enough to wear pajamas full time is a badass.

  54. Ninja. Ninja’s have throwing knives.

  55. I should say a ninja. A ninja can kill at a distance and are completely silent. You wouldn’t know what hit you. Just BAM, you’re dead. I’d have at least a chance of escaping from a serial killer. But the fact of the matter is that serial killers are scarier because they are insane. I can’t imagine anything scarier than a person who can act rational but are really absolutely off their rockers. So, serial killers are scarier to me.

  56. Sean Ehrlich says:

    I have to say, i am terrified of serial killers. It feels like they would be much better than ninjas in the fact that they would seem like a regular person, until they kill you or someone else.

  57. Skylar Avery says:

    Im so scared of ninjas. In my room, i have ninja traps. Some of them include video games for them to play, poisened tea, and, of course, new ninja outfits. I TAKE NO CHANCES. I shall never fall by the hands of a ninja. And im not scared of serial killers because i dont trust anyone anyway.

  58. ninjas are pretty straight forward about their desire to kill you versus serial killers who pose as average Joes and want to wear your intestines for hats… so serial killers win this round.


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