Memory Monday: Tie Me Up

So, yeah, this is pretty much what happens at super-hero get-togethers: Everyone looks for excuses to get tied up by Wonder Woman.

(From All-Star Squadron #32, April 1984. Written by Roy Thomas. Art by Rick Hoberg & Bill Collins.)

This Week in Rejection!: In Which I’m an Idiot

As I have said repeatedly throughout this series, most of my rejections were richly deserved. This one more than most. Check it:

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Recommended Reading from 2012

Each year, I aim to read around 50 books, which is close to a one-per-week pace. This year, I fell short and only hit 40. Bad Barry!

Also each year, at around this time, I try to separate out about ten or so of the books I read that I think y’all might enjoy as visitors to the BLog. Here, in no particular order, are this year’s: [Read more…]