Writing Advice #46: A Guide to Men Writing Women

I recently received this e-mail:

hey i read your books and i have been working on my own, but i need help with how to write from a female perspective. can you help? [Read more…]

Getting into Yale

The other day, I received an e-mail saying, in part:

i wanted to know how you got into yale. what classes did you take in high school? i know i am only 12, but i still want to know. thanks for your time!

First of all, I love that at 12, she’s already thinking about college and focusing on Yale. [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Superman Meets his Match

My favorite Superman moments, I believe, are the ones where he confronts the limits of his own powers and understands that — for all his abilities — he is still a mortal being. Whether it’s the realization that he can’t stop humanity from destroying itself or getting backhanded across the solar system by some creature conjured by Lex Luthor, those are the times when Superman is at his most vulnerable and his best.

Like this one: [Read more…]

This Week in Rejection!: Greensboro Review

I realize I’m being nitpicky here, but…

…isn’t saying “At this time” in the same sentence as “present needs” sort of redundant?

I like the “Walk Like an Egyptian” motif, though.

Yesterday Again Reviewed

The fine folks over at The Trades.com have posted a review of the third and final book in the Archvillain series, Yesterday Again. They say, in part,

Things wrap up brilliantly, with the resolution of some mysteries that have been around since the first book.


Yesterday Again is one of the best time-travel stories out there. I once sat on a convention panel with author Eric Flint discussing time travel, and I was reminded of Flint’s comment that it’s hard to write a good time travel story because in the end none of the changes can ever matter. That hasn’t stopped Flint from writing some interesting time travel novels, and it was certainly no impediment to Lyga, who just proved himself more than a master.

Read the entire review.