Second Amendment Loopholes

Let’s compare the Second Amendment to the First. People often do this, and it’s actually very instructive. I’m not going to get into the actual language of each Amendment (let’s leave that to the lawyers), but rather about the principles they embody.

The First Amendment tells us we have freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly (among others).

The Second gives us the right to bear arms.

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What the NRA Should Have Done

UPDATE: After I posted this piece — and four days after the tragedy in Newtown — the NRA has released a preliminary statement that, much to my surprise, is incredibly close to what I suggested below. Let’s keep an eye out and see what happens, eh?

Note: This is a thought exercise. Please don’t send me hate mail about how I’m helping the NRA. Thanks.

I have been sort of flabbergasted by the NRA’s response — or, rather, lack thereof — to the Newtown shootings. The organization has missed an incredible opportunity to advance the debate on mental health, to help the country, and — truthfully — to help itself.

In the wake of the shootings, the NRA has gone into lockdown mode, not discussing the incident, shutting down its Facebook page, and ignoring Twitter.1

But, oh, what could have been!

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  1. As of the time I write this, at least. Things may have changed since then.

“More Guns” Does Not Equal “More Security”

I started writing a single BLog about Newtown and such, but it got really long. So it’s probably going to end up being two or three pieces instead.

Today, I want to talk about the idea — popular in many circles — that if only more people carried guns, there would be fewer gun deaths.

The logic goes like this: If the teachers at Newtown (for example) had been armed, one of them would have shot dead the killer1 and we would have a lot fewer (maybe no) dead kids on our hands.

I call this the “Arm Everyone” philosophy. [Read more…]

  1. I won’t add to his Google notoriety by using his name

Memory Monday: Obvious Answers in Comics

The final story from that extra-special (to me, at least) issue of Batman Family

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking the answer is “No.”

(Reprinted in Batman Family #3, February 1976. Written by Bill Finger. Art by Dick Sprang.)

This Week in Rejection!: Shades of December

What a coincidence, eh? Because here it’s December and I’m talking about Shades of December.

OK, it’s not a coincidence. I planned it. Sheesh. You ruined my holiday cheer.

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