Memory Monday: Wonder Woman Too Eager to Strip

So, the JLA gets zapped across the galaxy by an unknown force and is floating in deep, deep space…

Wow! OK, then, Wonder Woman! Good idea — as soon as possible, let’s ditch these environment suits and just hope that the atmosphere stays safe. It’s not like you’re in a completely alien environment with no way of knowing how you got there or how you’ll get home.

Oh, wait — you are.


(Justice League of America #202, May 1982. Written by Gerry Conway. Art by Don Heck & Brett Breeding.)

This Week in Rejection!: Parting Gifts

Throughout this series’ history, we’ve seen everything from beautiful rejection letters on gorgeous paper stock to tiny, torn slips of paper bearing bad tidings.

But I’m pretty sure today is a first.

Not a rejection letter. Not a rejection card. Not a rejection slip. Not even a rejection Post-It. [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Supergirl’s Last Stand

Don’t let the title fool you — Supergirl’s last stand isn’t something as quotidian as a car crashing into her. Oh, no. The Maid of Might can’t be stopped by something so mundane as steel and horsepower.

The last stand, really, is right at the top of the cover: [Read more…]

Information Wants to Be Free…

This story was written a long, long time ago. Yes, there was an Internet (as you can see in the story itself), but it wasn’t quite as ubiquitous as it is today. Very, very few people were reading e-books yet (if any), and there were no legal music download services, so most non-pirates were still buying CDs.

Anyway, I dug this up today and thought y’all might enjoy a weird, quirky bit of storytellin’ for the holidays. Enjoy! [Read more…]

This Week in Rejection!: Neotrope

A while back, I posted a rejection from Neotrope, and commented that the letter made it clear I had submitted before, but that I couldn’t recall having done so. I speculated that as I slogged through my back catalog of rejection letters, I might find that elusive, Original Neotrope Rejection. [Read more…]