Memory Monday: Freezing to Death…and Talking about It

This is one of the first comic book stories I can remember reading. I’m pretty sure I read it as a reprint — I have no idea when/where it first saw print.

So, yeah, the Batman of the year 3000 — secret identity “Brane” (get it?) — tracks down the evil Saturnian overlord who has enslaved Earth, chases him into the upper atmosphere, and violent hypothermia ensues.

And I never in a million years thought I’d have to type those words in that specific order.

Gotta love the Science! Fun Fact™ tossed in there for the benefit of kids like Young Barry, eh? And my kindergarten teacher wondered why I was so twisted…

(From Batman Family #3, February 1976. Written by Unknown. Art by Dick Sprang and Jerry Robinson.)

Ridin’ Dirty

So, last week, this happened…

And now it’s on the Internet and I will never, ever live it down.

(Thanks to Alvina Ling for shooting the video in the first place!)

Memory Monday: “Gals”

Power Girl strikes a blow (almost literally) for women — er, womyn — everywhere:

I’m glad we have that sorted out!

(From Infinity Inc. #1, March 1984. Written by Roy Thomas. Art by Jerry Ordway and Mike Machlan.)

This Week in Rejection!: Talking About Failure

Something a little different, this week. I have no rejection letter to show you.1 Instead, I want to talk a little bit about what lies at the core of This Week in Rejection!:

Failure. [Read more…]

  1. That’s not strictly true — I have plenty of them left. I’m just not showing you one this week.

I Hunt Reading Lists

I’ve just been informed that I Hunt Killers was selected to be on the 2013 Texas Tayshas Reading List for high school readers.1

You can find the list here. It’s chock-a-block with plenty o’ sweet teen readin’ titles, including our old friend Libba Bray’s The Diviners (which is so special, it gets TWO RED STARS!).

(An aside to those who heard me speak at this year’s TLA conference in Houston: “They love me in Texas! They love me in Texas!”)

  1. I am told that this is one of the most influential reading lists in the country, and I have no reason to doubt this. But if it’s not true…keep it to yourself and let me dream, mmm-kay?