Kirkus Weighs in on Yesterday Again

Kirkus has offered up an early review of the final book in the Archvillain trilogy, and…they dig it!

Can’t solve your problem in the present? Try time travel, superhero-style!

Fresh from his disastrous collaboration with the insane villain Mad Mask (2012), 12-year-old Kyle Camden, aka Azure Avenger (in his mind) and aka Blue Freak (in the minds of everyone else in Bouring, N.Y.), concocts a new scheme to expose vacuous, probable-alien Mighty Mike as less than the good guy he pretends to be. Kyle uses his superintelligence (obtained from an encounter with space plasma) to create a time machine so he can videotape Mike emerging from the plasma, thus proving to the world he’s not human. Things go wrong in the present (zombies!) and the past (Kyle ends up in 1987 instead of a couple months ago). His chronovessel fried, Kyle tries to make the best of the situation, but who knew there was no Internet in 1987?! He finds that some allies can’t be trusted and some enemies are more than they appear…and learns a few things about his dad and his grandfather, all on the way to saving the world…AGAIN! Lyga’s third fun and furious Archvillain tale is somewhat slower and brainier than the others, but it solves many mysteries and opens up a few more. Characters grow, the technobabble is funny, and the time travel is nicely thought through.

It stands alone well enough, but it will be best enjoyed by established series fans.

Honestly? I can’t ask for more than that!

You can preorder Yesterday Again at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local independent bookseller!


  1. noooooooo! Im 10 and I love ARCHVILLAIN series it is so amazing will this really be your last book I hope not right now Im reading MAD MASK and I have to do every thing to not start read in in class please dont end the series I beg of you Im you bigest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry, but, yeah, this is the final ARCHVILLAIN book. It’s not my last book ever, just the last in this series. I hope you like the ending. 🙂

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