Charity Auction for Sandy Victims

Hey, all!

As you no doubt know, Hurricane Sandy tore through my part of the world a little while back and wreaked serious havoc. I was fortunate enough to be untouched, but many, many people lost everything. Hell, two weeks later, there are still people without electricity!

The kidlit community has rallied to help the victims, and I’m doing my meager part. Through November 23, you can bid on a prize package I’m donating, with all proceeds going to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

What are you bidding on? Well, you get a set of five signed books from yours truly, as well as a one-hour Skype visit to your school, library, bookstore, whatever. And on top of that, you can also request that I name a cop or a victim (your choice) after you in the third I Hunt Killers book!1

So, you get some cool stuff, and you help out some folks who really, really need it.

To bid: Click here and follow the instructions!

The auction kicked off at $30 and quickly jumped to $100. You have until November 22. I know times are tough and money is tight, but please think of the Sandy victims and consider bumping up that bid. Every last dollar helps.


  1. Sorry it couldn’t be in Game, but that book is done already!

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