Memory Monday: Bizarro Joker

I always loved the Bizarro World stories when I was a kid, so this issue of DC Comics Presents — complete with an entire idiotic Bizarro Justice League — was right up my alley.

Pointing out that Bizarro Joker would be the only sane person on Bizarro World was just the icing on the cake, really…

(From DC Comics Presents #71, July 1984. Written by E. Nelson Bridwell. Art by Curt Swan and Dave Hunt.)

This Week in Rejection!: The Paris Review

Ever wonder what it looks like to be rejected by so renowned and august a publication as the legendary Paris Review?

It looks exactly like this:

I HUNT KILLERS Goes to China!

I’m thrilled to announce the latest foreign edition of I Hunt Killers! Courtesy of the fine folks at Spring International Publishers, the series will be available in Chinese (Complex). The first book should be published in hardcover within a year.

From the Sketchbook…

I attended New York Comic-Con over the weekend, and the inestimable Colleen Doran was kind enough to provide the following addition to my Legion sketchbook:

Vintage 1970s (or 2970s, depending on how you count) Element Lad! Awesome! Thanks, Colleen!

Memory Monday: JLA – Brand Management!

As you may know, I spent a huge percentage of my youth reading comics. And yet somehow, I never questioned this:

The JLA satellite is in geosynchronous orbit at around 22,300 miles above the earth. So why the hell do they need their logo on the exterior? Who’s going to see it?

I picture some Silver Age brand management expert saying, “Superman. Bubbie. Trust me. You gotta get your brand out there…”

(From Justice League of America #224, March 1984. Written by Kurt Busiek, art by Chuck Patton and Dick Giordano.)