Disney Buys Star Wars

So, Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, including its most famous property, Star Wars. I wish I had some kind of holily sagacious geek perspicacity to offer you at this point in the apocalypse, but all I can think is “Holy great clanging fuckballs!” I got nothin’. Except to say that I will gleefully give up all my free time to write Episode 7, gratis.

John Gruber may have hit on the most peculiar element of this most Frankensteinian of pop culture marriages: “Exciting news. But it’s hard to imagine a Star Wars film opening without the 20th Century Fox fanfare.”

Ain’t it, though.

Memory Monday: Superego!

No, today’s Memory Monday is not about one of the trinity of psychological constructs inherent in the psyche of human beings.

It’s about another kind of Superego.


Wow, Superman. Just…wow.

(Also: Note that this story needed four writers!)

(From DC Comics Presents Annual #3, 1984. Story by Roy Thomas, Julius Schwartz, Gil Kane, and Joey Cavalieri. Art by Gil Kane.)

This Week in Rejection!: Gettysburg Review

Given that this is the last TWIR! before Halloween, I figured perhaps it made sense to with an autumnal theme. This form letter from Gettysburg Review (printed on very nice cardstock — trust me) is as close as I could come:

The Mangaman Glossary is Now Online

Hello, Manga-freaks!

The paperback edition of Mangaman is going to be in stores any day now, and it includes a little something extra — a glossary of manga terms for those readers who aren’t up to date on their J-pop.

But it just didn’t seem fair to only let the paperback buyers in on the fun, so the glossary is now posted here on BarryLyga.com as well.

Whether you’re an old hand at manga or you can’t tell your bishonen from your shojo, you’ll probably find something cool, fun, or interesting in the Mangaman Glossary, so check it out!

Interview: Mediabistro’s GalleyCat

Over on GalleyCat, they’re hosting horror-themed interviews leading up to Halloween. I guess I have enough figurative blood on my hands to qualify, as they’ve just posted a brief interview with me for your reading terror/pleasure.