Book Sighting: Target

Back before I Hunt Killers hit shelves, I was told that Target might be taking the book, but I hadn’t gotten my hopes up — after all, Target was a big chain, but they don’t focus on books, so the odds of them choosing my book to take up some of their limited book-sellin’ space seemed slim. Especially when you consider that they hadn’t taken a single one of my other books.

But a few months back, a friend mentioned seeing Killers in a Target. I live in New York City, so I don’t make it to Target very often, but this past weekend, I was visiting family in that strange wasteland called “the suburbs.” And lo and behold: There, right off the highway exit ramp, was a Target.

I wandered in, figuring that even if Target had once carried my book, surely they were done with it now, moving on to newer titles, right?


It took a while to find it, actually. I walked past it twice. Because do you have any idea how many black covers there are in YA these days???


  1. thats awesome congratulations

  2. I needed a book for my Reading class cause at the end of the semester we have an oral presentation we have to do on whatever book we chose. So, I actually went to Target with my mother & decided to go look around. I found I Hunt Killers in the like, popular something or other section. Picked it up & read the inside & knew that was what I wanted. Three days later, I’m done with the book. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

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