This Week in Rejection!: Fugue

This one is sort of interesting — it’s a form letter, but one that encourages further submission:

Additionally, there’s a personal note: [Read more…]

The Futility of Mystery

Years ago, I sent an e-mail to my brother. It said, in part, this:

Dude. I know exactly how Dark Tower is going to end.

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Talking to AT&T

I have no idea how many of my BLog readers will care about this, but I thought it was interesting, so… [Read more…]

What I Want in iOS 7

So, yesterday I blathered a bit about iOS 6. In writing that piece, I found myself thinking — a lot — “Gee, I hope in the next version, Apple will X, Y, and maybe Z.” So, I decided to spin those thoughts off into their own little post… [Read more…]

What I Think of iOS 6

In the unlikely event you care what I think… [Read more…]