Teen Reading in Reading

Sorry for the goofy title — I couldn’t help myself.

Click below and you’ll see a review from the Reading Eagle. Not as in “an eagle that reads.” No, it’s pronounced RED-ing, as in the town of Reading, PA, where the newspaper the Eagle is published.

And in that paper was published a review of I Hunt Killers. Which I just have to share with you because it’s written by a high school sophomore and I love it when kids actually review the books intended for them!

Here ’tis:


  1. Huh. This sounds more like a synopsis to me than an actual review, unless there’s more? But I think I would give it an A too (I wish I could read why she gave it an A!)

    I Hunt Killers is probably one of my most favorite books. It certainly beats most of the tripe in the paranormal romance section.

    • I think her enthusiasm, the tone of the piece, and details she chooses to share serve as her rationale for recommending it. YMMV, of course. 🙂

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