Decatur Book Festival

For those of you who missed the previous announcement and haven’t checked the calendar lately, here’s a head’s up that I’ll be presenting at the Decatur Book Festival on Sunday, September 2!

From 1-1:45pm, I will present on the “Escape” Teen Stage (outside the DeKalb County Courthouse), speaking of bloody, bloody things. I will probably also read from I Hunt Killers. (And, yes, there’s a chance the infamous “Billy voice” will make an appearance…). I will also most certainly be taking questions from you.

After the presentation, I’ll mosey on over to a signing table, where I will sign books until my hands fall off. If you would like to see my hands fall off, I encourage you to come and have me sign a great many things.

PLUS: The first person in my signing to line to say, “Billy Dent was framed!” will get the ever-popular limited edition “KILLER Time” t-shirt for their very own!

Here’s some more info, if you like.

See you in Decatur!

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