Crossing the Streams

The comic book industry pioneered the concept of the crossover,1 wherein characters from different stories interact. Thus, Superman meets Batman, the Fantastic Four beat up Spider-Man, etc.

It’s a time-honored tradition and when it’s done right, it can be very, very cool; the whole becoming more than the sum of the parts.

So, why am I blathering about this? Well, the other day, while doing a little noodling around on the third book in the I Hunt Killers series, I suddenly thought, “Man — what would Dr. Kennedy think of Jazz?”

Dr. Kennedy is the therapist who helps Josh in Boy Toy and Kyra in Goth Girl Rising. And Jazz is more messed up than either of them. So I started to imagine a scene where they met. And that made me think of crossovers in general.

Which made me wonder what you guys would come up with!

So now I ask you: Which two characters from different stories would you want to have meet…and why?

  1. Well, an argument could be made that the ancient Greeks invented the crossover when they had Heracles show up on the Argo, but let’s agree that comics made it profitable, hmm?


  1. I’d like Jasper to meet Dexter Morgan. Because Jasper is attempting to conquer his “Dark Passenger,” if you will, while Dexter accepts it as part of who he is. Dexter is who Jasper could’ve ended up being with his hatred of his father, after his dad went to jail, he might’ve started killing killers or if he’d chosen to follow in Billy’s footsteps, he could’ve ended up on Dexter’s table. Of course, in reality the meeting would probably be a bit boring… to make it really interesting, Jasper would have to figure Dexter out. There’s no doubt in my mind that he could, but if he were ever meeting Dexter there’d probably be some more pressing issue (like Billy’s latest kill) than the blood spatter analyst who might be a sociopath…

    I’d also love to see Jazz meet (I know this isn’t a book, but I can’t help myself) Neal Caffrey from White Collar. There’s really not good reason, just that ones my current book obsession the other is my television obsession… But while I’m on the thought of television/book: I think Jazz meeting Psych’s Shawn and Gus would probably be more entertaining… or maybe Jazz meeting Toby Logan from The Listener (Toby’s a telepath) and Toby knows a thing or two about missing memories, maybe he could help him… But that’s if Toby could stomach the things Jasper’s seen…

    Crossovers are awesome!

    • Wow! That’s some answer!

      Just so we’re all clear, BTW: You don’t have to use Jazz in your crossover! But I really like Meagan’s ideas, especially the Psych guys — that’s one of my favorite shows!

  2. Ahnai Deveraux says:

    Gosh, I can’t even decide. I’ve read so many books. I would really like it if the characters from Gena Showalter’s books could meet with the characters from Sherrylin Kenyon’s books. They’re all such great communities with so much dark humor and terrible pasts. Not to mention they’re all badass warriors and I’d love to see the chaos unravel.

    Oh also I’d like all my messed up teenagers to get together. Josh, Jazz, Zachary from Last Night I Sang to the Monster, Charlie from the Perks of Being a Wallflower, the girl from Drowning Instinct.

    Gosh, I know there’s more, but I just can’t think of any.

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